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Weingut Braun

Our traditional winery is located in the centre of Nierstein on the Rhine, where it is housed in an old manor house with the largest private wine cellar of Nierstein. Our vineyards are located in all five towns along the Rhine front, from Nackenheim to Ludwigshöhe, including vineyards with excellent international reputation: Niersteiner Pettenthal, Oelberg, Hipping, Orbel, Nackenheimer Rothenberg and Oppenheimer Herrenberg, just to name the most important. Because of the perfect climatic conditions and influenced by early marketing of bottled wines (since 1920) and their exports (since 1930), we sell exclusively Riesling wines, from dry to noble sweet, from young to aged. Riesling is considered the queen of white wines, and our aim is to offer sustainably produced, individual and expressive Riesling wines. Thus, we reduce our offer to the essentials - no compromise!

A particular strength of our estate is the Edition Terroir. In this edition, we present Riesling wines from different locations that despite having been cultivated and finished under the same conditions are different in type and taste. Thus the Edition Terroir is our answer to the question whether one can taste the origin of a Riesling. In fact you can!

Our Grands Crus are grown in the most noted vineyards of the Rhine front and show the whole strength and diversity of German Rieslings: fresh and fruity, concentrated in mouth and nose, with body and length.

On top of all these wines is the best wine of the vintage: Summa Cum Laude. Produced with great care and utmost effort and fermented and developed in peace, it is the culmination of great wines.

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